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    At Cooper Pacific, investors benefit from our experience and expertise in real estate investing. In addition to a Management Team that has an average of 25 years of real estate related experience, Cooper Pacific boasts a Board of Directors that is made up of successful, trusted and respected business leaders who have over half a century of combined real estate, development and construction experience.

    Cooper Pacific evaluates and manages each opportunity carefully, to ensure high rates of return for investors. The interest paid on these mortgages becomes income for our investors. This income is treated as interest in the hands of investors and a T5 is provided annually to all investors. The rate of return is determined entirely by the yield of the fund.  Cooper Pacific has financed projects and helped investors across Western Canada, and we look forward to continued strong growth in the years to come.

    Our Board of Directors

    Investors can rely on Cooper Pacific to make safe and informed MIC investment decisions. A minimum of three of our Directors form a credit committee which carefully reviews each MIC investment prospect (a thorough review and analysis of appraisal reports, financial statements, credit reports, building costs and plans, and market information) to ensure that they engage in only the best opportunities and ultimately yield the greatest possible returns for investors. Our tried, tested and true method of careful and thorough project evaluation is why we have consistently provided our investors with an above average yield on their investments since 1994.

    Morley Cooper

    Company & Title:  Cooper Pacific MIC, Chief Executive Officer
    Years in Business:  50
    Director Since: 1994


    Cam Cooper

    Company & Title:  Cooper Pacific MIC, Chief Mortgage Officer
    Years in Business:  20
    Director Since: 2011

    Cooper Pacific is proud to be a member of the following organizations:

    • Better Business Bureau
    • Canadian Home Builders' Association
    • Mortgage Brokers Association of BC
    • Mortgage Investment Association of BC
    • Urban Development Institute
    • BC MIC Managers Association

    We are regulated by the BC Securities Commission and our audited financial statements are filed with them annually as part of our Offering Memorandums. The Office of the Registrar of Mortgage Brokers at the Financial Institutions Commission regulates the mortgage brokering and lending activities of Mortgage Investment Corporations (MICs) under the Mortgage Brokers Act. The Registrar and Mortgage Brokers Act do not regulate the capital raising and investment marketing activities of MICs which are subject to securities legislation and regulation.

    Real Estate. Real Investment. Real Returns.

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    This is not a solicitation to purchase securities, which is being made under an Offering Memorandum that details risks and is available from our offices.  Mortgage investments are not guaranteed. Returns fluctuate and past performance may not be repeated.