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    Who is Cooper Pacific?

    Established in 1994, our goal as Real Estate experts is to offer investors outstanding investment opportunities with an attractive rate of return. Investors benefit from a knowledgeable management team with a strong reputation of honesty, reliability and integrity in business; supported by arguably the strongest, most respected Board of Directors in the real estate industry. We earn the confidence of investors based on a commitment to core values, and a track record of providing successful investment opportunities for decades.

    Cooper Pacific Mortgage Investment Corporation


    What is a Mortgage Investment Corporation or MIC?

    A Mortgage Investment Corporation or MIC provides loans to builders and developers, secured by mortgages. Investors then share in the pool of mortgages held by the MIC by purchasing shares in the MIC of their choice, where they earn dividend income, while borrowers obtain the funds they need to complete their ventures.


    How does it work?

    Investors purchase shares at a price of $1.00 per share in a MIC. Income earned in the MIC is paid as dividend income to the investor on either a quarterly or monthly basis, depending on the MIC chosen. The dividend income can be received in the form of cash or it can be reinvested as additional shares in the MIC. Shares in the MIC are invested for a period of one year. If repayment is not requested, your investment is reinvested for another year.


    What do you do with my money?

    A purchase of shares in a MIC gives you an investment in a diversified portfolio of mortgage loans. Since 1994 Cooper Pacific has used investor money to provide short term construction and interim loans to builders and developers (“borrowers”) in Greater Victoria, Vancouver Island, Greater Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.


    What types of projects to you finance?

    You will find projects financed by Cooper Pacific throughout British Columbia and Alberta. We have provided construction loans and mortgage financing for a wide range of projects, including: single family dwellings, condominiums, town homes, subdivision developments, shopping centres, hotels and care facilities. Some of our past projects included:

    Brownstone, Victoria
    The Brownstone in Victoria - MIC investment project
    700 Marine, North Vancouver
    700 Marine, North Vancouver - MIC investment project
    Madison, Kelowna
    The Madison in Kelowna - MIC investment project
    Blue Heron Marina Estates, Richmond
    Blue Heron Marina Estates in Richmond - MIC investment project


    Why do borrowers come to Cooper Pacific?

    Cooper Pacific is far more efficient than a conventional bank, credit union or trust company and as such is able to provide financing for a project on a far timelier basis. Approvals can be obtained in a matter of days rather than weeks. In addition, Cooper Pacific has greater flexibility in how it manages its relationships with its borrowers. Finally, Cooper Pacific has developed successful long term relationships with its borrowers as a result of providing superior service and support throughout the years. Still, the due diligence process any borrower must pass through at Cooper Pacific in order to obtain financing remains equal to or better than the due diligence process applied by banks, credit unions and trust companies.


    Who oversees Cooper Pacific?

    Cooper Pacific’s capital raising and investment marketing activities are subject to securities legislation and are regulated by the BC Securities Commission. Our audited financial statements are filed with them annually as part of our Offering Memorandum which is the key document that describes all aspects of the MIC investment for an investor. The Office of the Registrar of Mortgage Brokers at the Financial Institutions Commission regulates the mortgage brokering and lending activities of MIC’s under the Mortgage Brokers Act. Further to this external regulatory oversight, investors benefit from the strong governance provided by Cooper Pacific’s Board of Directors.


    What do you look for in board members?

    One of Cooper Pacific’s core strengths is the quality and depth of our Board of Directors. Since founded in 1994, Cooper Pacific’s Board of Directors has remained consistent with nine of the original ten board members still active. It is comprised of some of the most respected business people in real estate development, construction management and lending, building contracting, mortgage brokerage, real estate appraisals and finance.


    How do you communicate to me and how often?

    Cooper Pacific communicates with our investors on a regular basis via newsletters. Also, as dividend income is paid to investors, either monthly or quarterly, the rate of return being paid is also communicated along with explanations of any fluctuations in performance. An investment statement is also provided quarterly detailing account activity.

    Cooper Pacific has also created a secure online investor website where investors can look up, at any time, what their investment balance is and read regular updates on the mortgage portfolio in which they are invested. Annual audited financial statements are also available on this website.

    Lastly, Cooper Pacific’s Investor Relations Manager, Barb Gallup and any other members of our management team can be reached at any time by phone or email to answer any questions about your investment.


    If my investments are losing value how do I know it?

    Cooper Pacific’s MIC investments are secured by the mortgages within them, and each project is evaluated and assessed carefully before it is included. As mentioned previously, we follow the same rigorous due diligence process as banks, credit unions and trust companies. That being said, no investment is a ‘sure thing’. In any venture, potential risks must be balanced with potential gains.

    If the value of the $1.00 shares purchased by an investor in a MIC decreases below $1.00, then all investors in the MIC will be informed in writing of this event as well as the reason for it and the measures being taken to correct it.


    When and how do I get out?

    Shares purchased in a Cooper Pacific MIC are invested for one year. If after the first year an investor wishes to get out, they simply provide written notification to Cooper Pacific. If after the first year an investor wishes to stay in, no notification is necessary; the funds remain invested for another year.


    How safe is my money with you?

    Borrowers’ loan applications must pass through a thorough review of appraisals, financial statements, credit reports, building cost reviews, environmental reviews and market information before they are approved by Cooper Pacific’s Credit Committee which is comprised of any three Board Members. Approvals must always be unanimous. Cooper Pacific is able to tap into the expertise of its management team and Board Members, drawing from their experience in real estate, mortgage lending and brokering to apply that knowledge gained from over a century of combined experience to make the best business decisions for our investors. We believe so strongly in the value of real estate investing and the performance and security of our investment offerings that our Board Members and management team invest side by side with our investors in the MIC to ensure that our goals are aligned.

    Victoria BC Harbour
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    Where can I find the Cooper Pacific Newsletters?

    View and Print PDF versions of the October 2017 Newsletter and the May 2017 Newsletter

    Can I Trust You?

    We have been in business for decades and always strive to uphold the highest degree of integrity in all of our business operations. As investment managers, we believe that transparency and open, personal communication are essential for building trust and long-term relationships. Our investment priorities are to preserve investors’ capital and provide them with the highest possible return on a consistent basis. We aim to earn the confidence of investors based on a commitment to core values, and a strong track record of providing successful mortgage investment opportunities. We invite you to learn more about Cooper Pacific through our contact details provided on the contact page.

    Current Investment Options

    Cooper Pacific offers multiple mortgage investment opportunities with a minimum investment of $5,000; giving you the option of investing in a diversified portfolio of qualified first or second mortgage loans.

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